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To develop the next epic game titles that are socially engaging, super creative and always fun!

Darwin Arts is an ambitious global games publisher and developer with world class team and partners. Our technology creates personalised user experiences and monetises free-to-play games at scale.
Darwin Arts has expertise in game design, monetisation, marketing, continuous improvement development and being the creators of fun!

Competitive Play

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose only… What? There is nothing more fun than beating your fellow person! At Darwin Arts we focus on strong social interactions and fair competitive play.

Cross Platform

With our Mobile First mind-set we make sure that the experience from our titles is as awsome as possible regardless what device is being used allowing for both causal and truly competitive play to co-exist together.

Culture #1

We believe that our gamers' experience will never exceed our team's experience. With this in mind we mandate fun and happiness at work which encourages entrepreneurism and creativity!

Long Term Innovation

If a game isn't good for the long term, why would it be worth your time in the short term? Darwin Arts has been structured to design and develop titles that remain great and relevant for many years to come.



“We built Arcadia in the image of our first home,
shaping its plants and animals,
the green of its leaves and the blue of its sky.”

For many millennia, the Arcadians used their portals to colonise distant and inhospitable worlds and harvest their resources. The colonists they sent out have established their own civilisations, most of which have forgotten their true relationship with the mysterious Arcadians who visit them once every century, bringing the precious energy crystals required to maintain life on the colonised worlds.

But now Arcadia itself has been riven by a terrible catastrophe and the colonies will perish without energy to sustain them. The time has come for the sons and daughters of Arcadia to return home…

It is said that long ago we came to this world as refugees, carrying only our memories and our languages, smuggled behind our eyes and beneath our tongues. 

The Witcher

Crowman - Faction
A crazed shaman of exceptional power 

Jano the False

Children of Light - Faction
A reformed heretic who seeks to wash away his sins with the blood of his enemies

Agda the Innocent

Children of Light - Faction
Found guilty and sentenced to burn, she remained magically unscathed by the flames although her skin has flickered with a pale light ever since, visible in darkness as a ghostly flame

  1. OVERVIEW - Gates of Arcadia is a highly competitive and fast-paced strategy game for mobile and tablets, offering deep, varied and engaging gameplay within a lovingly-crafted fantasy world. Players will lead one of a number of unique factions battling for survival amidst the ruins of an ancient civilisation. Each of these factions will allow for a completely different play style which can be further customised by a choice of heroes and special abilities for each faction.
  2. GENRE - Gates of Arcadia is a newly developed game type - MOSA (Massively Online Strategy Arena) is specifically designed for mobile devices. Despite the great success of similar genres for PC (MOBA), the demand for this kind of game on mobile platforms has yet to be satisfied and Gates of Arcadia is specifically tailored to meet this need. It is designed to allow casual play but with the depth, flexibility and balance expected by serious and competitive MOBA players.
  3. COMPETITIVE - This game has been designed from the bottom up to be competitive with a strong focus on depth of play and counter tactics. Darwin Arts’ focus is to develop a strong community by supporting the game on a global scale with leagues and tournaments offering substantial prizes. The game will include many different factions, heroes, abilities and spells but is carefully balanced to allow for superior tactics and skill to triumph.


Darwin Arts is developing our own games with the aim of developing AAA titles only. Our teams are supported with all the services Darwin provides including a support development team, marketing, community management and analytics team.

We are working on several games but our first to market will be Gates of Arcadia.



Darwin Ventures has been created to find great people and great ideas who are currently working on a game. Most game developers lack one or two aspects including most always a marketing budget and often the management expertise.

Please contact our Ventures team if you would like to speak to us further.